Notcieboard 4th Oct

There will be an EGM before the October Management meeting on Thursday the 13th October for a rule change.

Get you match tickets for the up coming World Cup Qualifier against Georgia on Thursday the 6th Oct and support your country.

Well done to all our clubs who progressed in the Umbro/Aviva FAI Junior Cup last weekend.

There were good results for holders Sheriff Y, Hardwicke FC, Ayrfield Utd, Kilbarrack Utd, Rivervalley Rgs, Kilmore Celtic, Ely Woodlawn, Columbus Rovers, Castleknock Celtic and Romstar.

Please note these two important rules from this seasons FAI Junior Cup.

Rule 2c.

Any player that plays in the F.A.I. Senior Cup or F.A.I. Intermediate Cup after the 31st of August in the current season is not eligible to play in the F.A.I. Junior Challenge Cup, teams, players playing in the Leinster Senior Cup, Munster Senior Cup, Ulster Senior Cup or Connaught Senior Cup will not lose their Junior status. The four semi-finalists competing in the Senior Cup are exempt from this rule should they progress in the Senior Cup after this date.

Rule 2d

No player on a Professional contract may play in the F.A.I. Junior Challenge Cup. Players released from League of Ireland clubs must receive a transfer from the League of Ireland. Any player who was on a Professional contract must request from the F.A.I. Domestic Department a reinstatement clearance to enable him to be registered as an Amateur player.

At an LFA Senior Council meeting the decision was made to allow 5 subs from 7 to be used in all LFA competitions for the coming season. Please be aware of this rule change.

You can also use five subs from seven in the FAI Junior Cup.

The FAI Referees Department have confirmed the date for the next Referees Beginner Course which will take place in Dublin in October, the course details are as follows….

Date: Saturday 8th & Sunday 9th October 2016

Time: 09.00 to 17.00 (Both days)

Venue: Football Association of Ireland National Sports Campus Abbotstown Dublin 15

To register for the course please go to:

The fee for the course is €100 and a minimum number of 15 participants will be required for the course to proceed.

For further information on the Football Association of Ireland Referee Beginners Course programme please contact the Referees Department at;

Phone: 01 8999528


Please be aware of rule 47 of the up to date FAI Rule book which says Five (5) substitutes may be used in any match save League of Ireland Premier and First Division matches, FAI League Cup matches, FAI Senior Cup matches and any other first team competition under the control of the National League Executive Committee. So the AUL rule is 5 from 7 substitutes.

The new season is now upon us so we would ask all clubs to get their house in order as early as possible. Get your players signed up as soon as you can. Make sure as Secretary, the registration forms are filled in correctly, Date of Birth, Club last played for, Player actually signs the form, Secretary signs the form all these thing should be checked before you leave them in to the office and if not filled in correctly they will be returned to you. It is your responsibility to correctly register your players the AUL will only try and make sure you do but it is not up to the AUL to Register the player correctly. If you sign a player from another club ask the question, have you an outstanding fine, have you been sent off this season or last season if the answer is yes to these questions contact the treasurer and see if there is a fine outstanding or a suspension outstanding against that player. Remember the fine stays with the player until it is paid no matter what club or league he plays for.

Be aware of the ITC. If you are signing a player who has come back to live in Ireland or has arrived to live here ask the question “did you play in an organised League where he has come from” and if the answer is yes that player may require an International Transfer Certificate. All applications for an ITC must come from the Secretary of the Club the player is registered for. The player must register first for his club and then the club applies for the ITC. All ITC applications must be sent to

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02/10/2016 19:40