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Return to Football

As we return to training and fixtures it is important that everything possible is done to reduce the spread of Covid 19. The FAI has provided a lot of advice and guidance over recent weeks, all of which can be found on the FAI website

The following are particularly important and we would encourage every club official and player to be familiar with them and more importantly follow the advice.


Safer Return to Play Protocol

31/07/2020 00:19

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17/07/2020 09:29
Leinster Football Association
Clarifications and Updates From LFA


Hope all is well with everyone

Over the past few days I have received a lot of queries regarding return to football, criteria, etc and I felt it is better for me to try bring you all up to date rather than dealing with several individual queries

The Safe Return to Training document is just the first step on what is a full return to football in the coming months

Clubs who fulfil the criteria and send the signed checklist form back to the FAI are okay to return to training with a total of 15 people from Monday June 15th. This training is non-contact and is not a full on training session as we would be normally accustomed to. Basically, it is just a way of getting people back out on to pitches again and allowing players to interact in a safe environment

The dates provided by the FAI a few weeks back regarding a return to matches remains the same (August 10th for full training and August 28th for fixtures). As the Government announced that they were removing phase five from their pathway to reopening the country, it was naturally assumed by everyone that this would mean the playing dates from the FAI would also be brought forward. While this may happen and is being discussed in great detail at FAI, HSE and Government level, it has not happened yet so the August 10th/28th timeframe remains in place for the moment. The logical assumption is it will change but leagues and clubs cannot announce any league start / restart dates until they have been officially sanctioned

(The reason I am being so clear on this is, I have seen on several club social media pages that football is returning in July and the reason for this email is to clarify that this has not been announced by the FAI)

11/06/2020 14:53
End of Season

The FAI announced last Friday that the earliest that football games can begin again is 28 August with the season being extended to 11 October to facilitate any League that wished to fulfil the 2019/20 season. The new season will commence on 18 October.

Based on the feedback from our Clubs, with many concerns raised about an early uncertain return and the HSE advice on safety measures the Executive Committee of the League has decided to cancel all remaining fixtures for the current season and to concentrate on gearing up for the new one. Points for remaining games will be allocated on a pro rate basis using points already won.

This decision, while disappointing for many, does we hope provided a degree of certainty that will allow Clubs, players and referees plan their summers and the return to training and games.

20/05/2020 14:13
FAI Press Release
FAI Steering Group examines options for Grassroots Football

The Football Association of Ireland’s steering group is examining all aspects of a potential return for adult amateur and underage football once the Government issues an update on lockdown procedures around the Covid-19 pandemic.

The group is engaging with representatives from the FAI Board, all adult amateur football, all underage football, FAI National and Provincial Affiliates and Grassroots staff.

The group is establishing the necessary requirements to produce a roadmap for the resumption of football once lockdown restrictions are eased. The FAI is encouraging all Leagues to consult with their own clubs on this matter at the earliest opportunity.

The roadmap for a return to football will include guidelines for those Leagues offering winter football in the traditional manner as well as Leagues now operating a summer season, as per the FAI Rule Book. All football under the auspices of the FAI is suspended until May 5th at the earliest as per the Government guidelines.

Whilst awaiting updates from the HSE and Government which will establish a timeline for a return, the group is keen to produce a policy document which will have as little negative impact as possible on competitions nationwide, including national cup competitions.

30/04/2020 16:39



As President of the Football Association of Ireland, I want to update you on some football issues at a time when our game is so irrelevant to so many but also offers hope in a post COVID-19 future as we search for any light at the end of the tunnel.

These are very difficult times for everyone in Ireland and around the world as we come to terms with the impact of the coronavirus crisis and I would like to start this message by saluting the brave efforts of our frontline heroes, many of them involved with Irish football, in the battle against COVID-19.

The selfless dedication and commitment of our medical staff and other frontline workers epitomises everything that is good in Irish life. On behalf of everyone involved in Irish football, I thank them for their service to their country and assure them of our support in any way we can.

As you are all well aware football is in lockdown until May 5th at the earliest and we again remind all affiliates that the cessation of football applies to training as well as games. Our Medical Director Alan Byrne remains in constant communication with the HSE and the Department of Health and his advice is that we follow government guidelines at all times.

We are in talks with the Department of Sport around a return to football once the Government restrictions on movement are lifted. The FAI is represented on a weekly call hosted by Government with all NGBs, and we are engaging with all stakeholders on how a return to sporting action will look once the lockdown is eased. We will let you know how this applies to your club as soon as more information is available and I thank you, in advance, for your patience.

17/04/2020 17:06
FAI .Net

On Tuesday the FAI released a video explanation of the FAInet process,

Please see under Download link above the updated FAInet guide which is the full process for clubs starting from Team Creation > Assigning Players > Checking status of players applications > Entering New players to FAInet > Entering Transfers on FAInet > Printing & Uploading the FAI approved registration form to & from FAInet.

25/07/2019 11:54
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