RPD Cup 2017/18

Competition:1177  Match:27794  AUL

Referee: TBA

SCV FC despatched by Kippure FC.
SCV FC were beaten at home by Kippure FC at Quarryvale Park at 11 am

This is the first game for both teams in this competition

This competition head to head
18/02/18 11 amSCV FC02Kippure FCQuarryvale Park

Recent Results in this competition
18/02/18 11 amSCV FC02Kippure FC
Kippure FC
12/11/17 11 amStamullen FC09Kippure FC
18/02/18 11 amSCV FC02Kippure FC
30/03/18 7:30 pmVilla Celtic19Kippure FC
04/05/18 7:15 pmKippure FC20St Michaels FC
Referee Statistics

SCV FCKippure FC
David Redmond1
Thomas Talbot1
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